Monday, 5 January 2015


On the 17th August , accompanying futsal course advocated by dpnt and we represent 1 sem dkhp course and together another coursemate. We oppose a total of 4 sets. 3 wins thereof, and a collection of the series. although one of the members is Injured, but we managed to Overcome it. At first, with the small goals and short of players, we were not expecting to past the tournament, compared to others who have a collection of experts who looked strong and 'huge' .Around 5pm, we went back to college with all the joy and the pain disappeared.



On the 18 of August,   after our half mara to the end, we also have an opponent with a collection representing the combined DPH course sem 3 and 5 to get into the finals. Although many times fall and offside, we still stand to the end of resistance after that, we  determine resistance. after that, we played again to determine either we got a 3rd or 4th place but unfortunately, at the end of the game we lost the game for 0-1 and we just triumphed 4th place we remain proud of our achievements. So just believe in yourself and always think positive.

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