Wednesday, 7 January 2015

30++ KIDS

Comel tak budak ni? nama dia Hana :) Ini antara 30 ++ kucing yang saya ada. Semua kucing saya diberi nama dan mempunyai 'rumah' masing-masing. Setiap kali mereka sakit sayalah orang yang akan merawatnya kerana mereka agak 'takut' dengan saya dan keluarga saya yang lain tidak berapa berani untuk mengendalikan mereka yang agak nakal.

Dan ini Kippy, dia meninggal semasa saya sedang berada di upm dan diberitahu oleh abang saya selepas beberapa hari Kippy meninggal kerana mereka takut saya sedih. Kippy meninggal akibat jangkitan virus dan doktor tidak tahu punca virus tersebut.

Antara sebab saya belajar bidang DKHP ni kerana saya ingin merawat kucing-kucing saya kerana ia agak menarik dan jika saya dapat menjadi doktor haiwan dapat mengurangkan beban kewangan sakit kucing-kucing saya kerana agak mahal untuk merawat mereka apabila sakit.

Seperti dalam gambar atas ini keluarga saya amat menyokong cita-cita saya untuk menjadi doktor haiwan. Mereka juga amat menyayangi haiwan terutama ibu saya. Ibu akan bagi kucing-kucing tepi jalan yang lapar dan kadang-kadang ibu akan bawa balik kucing yang sakit dan lapar yang dia jumpa. Dan saya yang akan merawat kucing tersebut sehingga sihat dan itu antara sebab kenapa jumlah kucing saya 30++ tidak termasuk kucing jiran yang kami beri makan.

Atas galakan dan impian saya, saya terima tawaran untuk masuk bidang diploma kesihatan haiwan dan peternakan walaupon di bintulu sarawak and HERE I AMMM :)

Monday, 5 January 2015

10 Interesting Facts about Veterinarians

Facts about veterinarians 1: Etymology

The word veterinary comes from the Latin “veterinae” which means “working animals”. “Veterinarian was first used in print by Thomas Browne in 1646.

Facts about veterinarians 2: Term

The term veterinarian is used in North America and other countries using predominantly American English, whereas in the United Kingdom, and countries which are formerly part of the British Empire or are part of the Commonwealth of Nations tend to use the term veterinary surgeon.


Facts about veterinarians 3: Responsibilities

Vets are primarily required to treat disease, disorder or injury in animals, which includes diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. The scope of practice, specialty and experience of the individual vets will dictate exactly what interventions they perform, but most will perform surgery.


Facts about veterinarians 4: Euthanasia

 Unlike in most human medicine, vets will often consider the appropriateness of euthanasia (“putting to sleep”) if a condition is likely to leave the animal in pain or with a poor quality of life.

Facts about veterinarians 5: American Vets

The majority of vets are employed in private practice treating animals. About 75% of the employers are in the United States, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.


Facts about veterinarians 6: Other Employers

Other employers include charities treating animals, colleges of veterinary medicine, research laboratories, animal food companies, and pharmaceutical companies. In many countries, the government may also be a major employer of vets, such as the United States Department of Agriculture of the State Veterinary Service in the United Kingdom. State and local governments also employ veterinarians.

Facts about veterinarians 7: Focuses of Practice

Vets and their practices may be specialized in certain areas of veterinary medicine. Areas of focus include nine different focuses: exotic animal veterinarian, conservation medicine, small animal practice, laboratory animal practice, large animal practice, equine medicine, food animal medicine, food animal medicine, food safety practice and wildlife medicine.

Facts about veterinarians 8: Salary

The mean salary for new graduates in the United States during 2010 was about US$48,674 including nearly 50% going on to advanced study programs. Those not continuing their studies made US$ 67,359 at first, whereas vets in the United Kingdom earned slightly less with new graduate wages at an average of £25,000.


Facts about veterinarians 9: Licensing

Following academic education, most countries require a vet to be registered with the relevant governing body, and to maintain this license to practice.


Facts about veterinarians 10: In Popular Culture

Well-known depictions of a veterinarian at work are in James Herriot’s “All Creatures Great and Small”, made into a BBC series. There is also “Doctor Dolittle” which is a series of children’s books, one of which was turned a 1967 movie. The movie was remade in 1998 with Eddie Murphy as Dr. Dolittle.



On the 17th August , accompanying futsal course advocated by dpnt and we represent 1 sem dkhp course and together another coursemate. We oppose a total of 4 sets. 3 wins thereof, and a collection of the series. although one of the members is Injured, but we managed to Overcome it. At first, with the small goals and short of players, we were not expecting to past the tournament, compared to others who have a collection of experts who looked strong and 'huge' .Around 5pm, we went back to college with all the joy and the pain disappeared.



On the 18 of August,   after our half mara to the end, we also have an opponent with a collection representing the combined DPH course sem 3 and 5 to get into the finals. Although many times fall and offside, we still stand to the end of resistance after that, we  determine resistance. after that, we played again to determine either we got a 3rd or 4th place but unfortunately, at the end of the game we lost the game for 0-1 and we just triumphed 4th place we remain proud of our achievements. So just believe in yourself and always think positive.